Carlos Correa, The Future Of The MLB

Carlos Correa, a 22-year-old shortstop for the Houston Astros, had a down year in 2016 following a spectacular rookie showing in 2015. The former number one overall selection is currently ahead of the curve and is one of the best rookies at the age of 22, and he still has more developing to do. If Correa will be able to progress, theirs no doubt that Carlos Correa can become a top player in the league, but can he become a top player ever?

In his rookie year, Correa had 22 home runs in 99 games, which is approximately one home run in every four to five games. Correa also hit a solid .279 while knocking in 68 runners. Correa also stole 14 bases, which made many think he could be a 30 home run, 30 stolen base player in his second year. Correa’s rookie year was nothing short of impressive, which eventually lead to him earning the American League Rookie Of The Year Award.

Correa’s outstanding rookie year must have given him a lot of pressure due to the high expectations. Correa’s 2nd year was disastrous. Correa only hit 20 homers, which is 2 less than he did in his rookie year, but he played 54 more games in his second year! Correa, despite the lack of home runs, still managed to record a career high 96 RBIs, which is impressive. Correa’ stolen base total was 13 in 2016, which is one less than in his rookie year. The high expectations of a 30-30 player who disappointed have made people forget the name Carlos Correa, but I think Correa will bounce back.

Carlos Correa is a great player, and clearly has a future, but the question we are left with is how bright? Correa is one of the best fielders in the leagues, which is often overlooked due to the fans of the league enjoying hitting much more. In my opinion, Correa will continue to grow into a productive hitter role. I think that his rookie year shows what a star player Correa can become, and I think he showed many superstar qualities throughout the year. Also, Correa has shown glimpses of greatness throughout the past two seasons.

I think Carlos Correa will eventually be named one of baseball’s elites by being inducted into the hall of fame. Not only is Carlos Correa a very skilled player with a lot more development ahead of him, but is he is playing with a very young and talented Astro team, which is bound to get him a few championships. Correa, with his skills, can add to what will be a great legacy with a few championships and probably a Finals MVP to go with it. The baseball world should fear the upcoming dangerous shortstop of the Houston Astros named Carlos Correa.


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