Junior Arrojo Joins The Miami Marlins

On April 18th, 2017, The Miami Marlins purchased the contract of Junior Arrojo from the Rockland Boulders. Junior Arrojo has been a member of the Rockland Boulders for the past three seasons, and was a key contributor to the team’s championship back in 2014. Arrojo has been one of the best players in the Boulder’s history, even on of the best players in CanAm’s history. Arrojo has set many records and will go down as one of the best shortstops in the league’s history.

Last season, Arrojo set the Boulders record for single season batting average and stolen bases. Also, he set the record for best on base percentage (.483), which is also the current CanAm League record.  Arrojo is also the Boulder’s record holder for batting average , walks , career stolen bases and on base percentage (.435). He holds the Can Am League records for single season “Hit by Pitch” and the single game record for being “Hit By Pitch”, with 4.


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