Khalil Mack Wins AP Defensive Player Of The Year Award

Khalil Mack, outside linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, was named AP Defensive Player Of The Year Award just 18 days before his birthday. This award was between Khalil Mack and Von Miller, who both had excellent seasons. Khalil Mack has been a top defensive player since being draft 5th overall in 2014.

Mack has a rare ability to single-handily win games for his team, much like JJ Watt the last few years. Mack has always been known for being an elite pass rusher, and he had yet another great season rushing the passer. Mack’s eleven sacks are incredible, especially since offensive lines often doubled him to attempt to contain him. Khalil Mack also forced five fumbles this year along with recovering three. Mack has always been known more hitting his opponents hard, making them lose the football. Mack’s three fumble recoveries are also very impressive because most of the time he is focused on where the quarterback is rather than where the ball is. Mack also had an interception this year. Khalil Mack, who was named to the 2016 all-pro team, was also named to the 2015 all-pro team last year.

These achievements show the dominance of Khalil Mack, and this award reassures how the fans and experts feel about the dynamic pass rusher on the Oakland Raiders. Khalil Mack has given the Oakland Raiders a lot of hard work and hustle, and now has earned this award; this is the first time an Oakland Raider received this award since 1980 when Lester Hayes was defensive player of the year.

Khalil Mack is currently 25 years old, and most likely hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Mack has now won defensive player of the year in only his third season! This young superstar will probably win this award again, due to the fact that he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Most players hit their prime at around 27, and it usually last until about 29. Mack has two years until he is 27, and the NFL world can’t wait to see what the superstar in store for us fans!

Khalil Mack has a great build; he stands at 6’3 and weighs 250 pounds, mostly all muscle. Khalil Mack’s story begins when he was born on February 22nd in Florida. Mack attended high school at Fort Pierce Westwood High School, where he dominated game in and out. Mack was often described as a gym rat, and his unique worth ethic has truly paid off today. Khalil mack’s greatness earned him a full scholarship to Buffalo, where he continued to excel and get better. Even though Mack was always better than the competition, he still tried to get better.

I believe that Mack will continue to get better due to his past, which is why I think Mack hasn’t hit his prime yet. If Khalil Mack continues to get better and work hard even while being on top, there is no doubt that he will one day be remembered as one of the greats by being inducted to the hall of fame.


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