NFL 2017 Award Predictions

The NFL Honors is on tonight at 8:00 Eastern Time, so I will be going over my predictions for who will win these awards. To clarify, this is not who I think should win the awards. This is an article about who I think will win the award!

AP Comeback Player Of The Year: Jordy Nelson, WR for the Green Bay Packers

Jordy Nelson had one of the best seasons of his career, and it came one season after missing the season due to a torn acl. Nelson tore his acl at a team practice before the preseason. Jordy Nelson came up 3 catches short of a one-hundred catch season. Nelson also racked up 1,257 recieving yards and caught 14 touchdowns.

AP Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Joey Bosa, DE for the San Diego Chargers

Following a holdout that lead to Bosa missing four games to start the season, Bosa still managed to record over 10 sacks as a rookie! Bosa looked like a veteran every time he stepped onto the field. Bosa use of his hands while rushing the passer is something he has mastered at such a young age. Also, Bosa recorded 41 tackles, showing that he is also a compitent run stopper. Bosa is an elite defender, and we can expect this level of play from him for years to come.

AP Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Ezekiel Elliot, RB for the Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot had questionably the best year ever by a rookie runningback in NFL history. Elliot played behind the top offensive line in the league, and Elliot took full advantage. Despite a controversy at the beggining of the season, Elliot overcame the distraction as the season went on. Elliot finished with 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns on 322 attempts. This means Elliot averaged over five yard a carry. Elliot is a scary-good runningback playing behind the best offensive line in the NFL, which means he will be around for a long time!

AP Defensive Player Of The Year: Von Miller, OLB for the Denver Broncos

Von Miller had a great season coming after a season in which he won Super Bowl 50’s MVP award. Miller played well all season long, finishing second in the league in sacks behind Vic Beasley Jr. As well as Von Miller played, the most overlooked part of his game as the leadership he provides to one of the top defenses in football. Miller’s combination of skill, work ethic and leadership will win him this award.

AP Offensive Player Of The Year: David Johnson, RB for the Arizona Cardinals

David Johnson had a finominal season, as many expected the young man would. Johnson ran for over 1,200 yards on under 300 carries in only his second season. Johnson also scored 16 times while running the football. Johnson’s numbers are especially impressive, being he is in the same division as the Rams and Seahawks, who both have dominant run defenses.

Walter Payton Man Of The Year: Larry Fitzgerald, WR for the Arizona Cardinals

There isn’t much explanation for this, the nominess are Larry Fitzgerald, Eli Manning and Greg Olsen. Greg Olsen is the favorite, but I think Fitz will win.

AP Coach Of The Year: Jason Garrett, HC of the Dallas Cowboys

Garrett guided his Cowboys back to the playoffs following a dissapointing year for the team. Just one year ago their were rumors that Garrett would be fired. Garrett made two huge draft selections in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. The main reason Jason Garrett will win this award is the same reason he was on the hot seat a few years ago; performance following an injury to Tony Romo. Last year, the team collapsed without their star. This year, the team thrived without Romo, and probably will no longer need Tony Romo. Garrett has learned from his mistakes and adapted to his teams new player’s play style.

MVP: Matt Ryan, QB for the Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan not only almost through for 5,000 yards and 38 touchdowns with only 7 interceptions, but has now guided his team to Super Bowl LI. Although the awards don’t include the playoffs, its hard to think the voters wouldn’t keep his spectacular postseason play in mind when filling out their ballots. Tom Brady doesn’t deserve this award due to the fact that he didn’t participate in all 16 games, part of being valuable is playing week in and week out, which Brady could not do due to the deflate gate scandal. Matt Ryan will be our 2017 most valuable player!

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