The Cleveland Brown’s Top 10 Most Valuable Players Of The 2016-2017 Season (3-5)

This is a follow up article to my previous article titled “The Cleveland Brown’s Top 10 Most Valuable Players of the 2016-2017 Season (6-10)” which I suggest you all check out either before or after you read this article. The Brown’s have had one of the worst seasons a team has ever had. This Brown’s team might be the worst Brown’s team ever, and that is saying something. In the midst of an awful team that continuously ignores needs in the draft, their are some diamonds in the rough that should not get overlooked. Today, I will be showcasing the fifth, fourth and third most valuable players for the Cleveland Browns this past season.

5: Danny Shelton, NT

Danny Shelton has been a solid nose tackle for the Browns since being picked early in the first round by the Cleveland Browns. Shelton’s dominance from University of Washington has translated well, as Shelton has been the best run stopper on the team. Shelton’s 59 tackles are impressive, and he has 1.5 sacks to go along with it. These numbers are solid for a second year player; these numbers show that his development is on the right track. Shelton is the type of player that can not be traded, and the Browns must keep him and build around him to end their playoff drought.

4: Isaiah Crowell, RB

Isaiah Crowell continues to exceed expectations and continues to be overlooked by fans. Isaiah Crowell has gotten better every year since being drafted from the University of Georgia. Crowell and Johnson Jr. make up a dangerous backfield, that could potentially be a top five backfield if they got more carries. Crowell, despite the lack of carries, made the most out of this season by rushing for 952 yards and 7 touchdowns. Isaiah Crowell also made an impact on the air game as well, scoring twice by way of pass. As great as Isaiah Crowell has played recently, I believe the Browns should roll with Duke Johnson Jr. because Johnson Jr. is a bit younger and is a much better receiving running back than Crowell is. Johnson Jr. is also much faster than Crowell, and I think Johnson Jr. also has a higher ceiling. However, Isaiah Crowell could be an effective running back for a solid team if he finds himself in the right situation, like LeGarrette Blount did.

3: Joe Haden, CB

Joe Haden, ex-Florida Gator, has been one of the best players for the Cleveland Browns almost every year since being drafted. The Browns continue to waste the prime of one of the best corners in the game. Despite his height, Haden continues to be a top tier cornerback. Haden struggles against tall receivers such as AJ Green and Brandon Marshall, but has excelled in all other areas. Haden had yet another underappreciated season this year, recording 4 interceptions. Most people think the Browns should trade Joe Haden, but I think the Brown’s need to keep Haden and use his leadership and star power to help the Brown’s break out of their poor reputation.


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