The Cleveland Brown’s Top 10 Most Valuable Players Of The 2016-2017 Season (6-10)

The Cleveland Browns had one of the worst seasons of any team in history, as they finished 1-15 this season. The Browns only win came against a weak and inconsistent Charger team. The Browns problems were on both sides of the ball, as they were significantly under average in both categories. The Brown’s averaged 16.5 points per game, the second lowest total in the league. The Brown’s also racked up a minuscule 311 yards per game, which was 30th in the league. The Brown’s were also horrendous defensively,  giving up over 6,000 yards, and gave up the second most yards in the league, only being trailed by the 2-14 49ers. With this disastrous year, the Browns will no doubt look to rebuild. Today, we will be going over the top 10 most valuable players on this Browns team because the Browns will need to keep any decent players that they have. I have decided to leave Jamie Collins out of this list because he was traded to the team mid season.

10: Duke Johnson Jr., RB

The second year running back from the University of Miami had a very solid year, especially after a poor first year. Duke Johnson was one of the better receiving running backs this season, totaling 53 catches while playing limited time. Johnson Jr. did not start this season because of the exceptional season by Isaiah Crowell. Going forward, Duke Johnson Jr. is a must-keep player for the Cleveland Browns.

9: Demario Davis, MLB

Demario Davis started this year for the Browns as the second inside linebacker in the Browns 3-4 defense. Davis played next to Kirksey, who outshines him almost every game. Davis’ play this year has often gotten overlooked due to Kirksey’s success, but Davis had 99 tackles on the year, which is pretty impressive due to the fact that Kirksey also got over 140. Demario Davis is a player that the Brown’s could keep going forward, but if they have a good offer for him, he is a player that could be trade.

8: Jamar Taylor, CB

Jamar Taylor started over Briean Boddy-Calhoun this season, and Taylor took advantage of his newly acquired playing time by leading all corner backs on the roster in tackle while also recording three interceptions. Taylor, along with most of the other Brown’s corner backs, is a sub-par corner back that has glimpses of stardom. Taylor is a player that I think the Browns should look to trade in the future due to the fact that he is too aggressive of a corner; he gives up too many receptions to be a reliable corner back in the NFL.

7: Briean Boddy-Calhoun, CB

Briean Boddy-Calhoun exceeded all expectations even though he was backing up Jamar Taylor. Boddy-Calhoun recorded three interceptions, and showed many signs that he could one day be a great corner. Boddy-Calhoun had three interceptions on the year, turning one of them into a 67 yard touchdown. Boddy-Calhoun also recorded 11 pass deflections and 43 tackles. Boddy-Calhoun is a player the Browns should look to keep, because Boddy-Calhoun and Joe Haden could be one of the best corner back duos in the league in a few years.

6: Emmanuel Ogbah, DE

Emmanuel Ogbah has been a great and consistent pass rusher since being drafted by the organization. Ogbah recorded an impressive 5.5 sacks, which lead the team. Ogbah is a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks, and will be for years to come. Ogbah has the ability to play either outside linebacker or defensive end in any scheme that allows him to pass rush. Ogbah’s combination of skill and versatility makes him a must keep player for the Browns, and the type of player you could potentially build your entire defensive around.


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