Why James White Should Have Been Super Bowl LI MVP

This past Sunday, the Patriots defeated the Falcons in a game for the ages. Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MVP. Brady had an impressive game and was one of the key reasons for the Patriots success late in the game. Despite the amazing play, Brady displayed late in the game, James White was the real Super Bowl 51 hero. White affected the game on the ground and through the air, and the Falcons simply didn’t have an answer for him down the stretch.

Tom Brady, Super Bowl 51 MVP, threw for 466 yards and two touchdowns along with a pick six. These numbers are quite impressive, but let’s not forget he attempted 62 passes. James White, who I believe should have been Super Bowl MVP, barely played in the first half due to being a third-string running back. White not only earned his minutes out of the blue, but put of historical numbers in significantly less time than any star player before him.

James White only carried the ball six times, yet he managed 29 yards and two touchdowns. This means that White averaged almost five yards per carry and a touchdown every three carries. These numbers are impressive from any running back, especially one who barely played. White found time on the field due to the poor play from LeGarrette Blount, who lead the NFL in touchdowns this past season. Dion Lewis, the usual back-up, played an average game but did not make much difference in the passing game like he usually does. Lewis was also unable to play in overtime due to injuring his hamstring on the last play of regulation. This gave White the opportunity to be the main running back option for the Patriots in the entire overtime. White made the most of overtime by rushing for the game-winning touchdown. Usually, the game-winning touchdown is made by the most important player of that game, and White was that player. Along with an above average day as a runner, White was better in the passing game.

James White, who is not known to be a receiver out of the backfield, caught a record-setting 14 catches! These 14 catches broke the previous record held by Demaryius Thomas, who had 13. Just to put this in perspective, White had more catches in a single Super Bowl than Jerry Rice did in any of the five he played in, even when Rice was named Super Bowl MVP. So if James White outplayed the best wide receiver if not the best football player of all time as a receiver, while still being an above average running back, how was he not named MVP? The answer is simple. The NFL voters favor the quarterbacks because the quarterbacks are the one who gets pressured off the field to produce on the field by the media. The team looks to the quarterback to do everything offensively for the team. Not to throw shade at Brady, but Brady did not do everything offensively for the team. In fact, Brady had two of the worst quarters of his career. James White outshined Brady while only basically playing a half of the football game. James White should have been Super Bowl LI MVP, and even Tom Brady himself agrees!


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